New iPhone

More Leaked Photos of Assembled iPhone 5 Parts

iPhone 5 more leaked pics! It may be the real phone or it may be a strategic move by the manufacturer to leak some prototype dummy pics for securing the identity of the real phone. Previously we covered Will iPhone 5 Look Like This? Confirmed Leak Pictures. Interestingly, the new leaked pics look similar to old leaked pics.

iPhone 5 LiquidMetal Concept

We have seen various iPhone 5 concepts on the web and we found some worthy to share and some not even acceptable, but here is something really amazing to show. A new liquid metal concept iPhone 5 is running over the web and we are amazed to see its design and specs. No matter this

Comparison of iPhone 4S With iPhone 4

During the “Let’s talk iPhone” event, not even the name of long awaited iPhone 5 was taken, however, as we all know the iPhone 4S got launched. Design wise, iPhone 4S looks exactly like iPhone 4, but hardware wise it’s at large new. Let’s see now as to how iPhone 4S is different or better

Apple To Reveal iPhone 4S At WWDC?

It has just been reported by Electric Pig that Apple’s PR team is sending invitations to selected UK journalists to attend the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2011 that is to begin on June 6. Electric Pig contemplates that the reason why Apple has invited these journalists is that it possibly wants to unveil the next