iPhone hacker expert tip to make your iPhone 3G faster on iOS 4

Few of iPhone users have complained that when they added iOS 4 into their iPhone 3G, it has slows down iPhone performance. Due to this reason, unfortunately they have to shift towards downgrade version that is iOS 3.1.3.

Comex is an iPhone hacking expert and created several jailbreaking tools such as Spirit. He has recommended for iPhone 3G users to disable Spotlight for iPhone and this way iPhone 3G would be faster. According to Comex, he has turned off the spotlight search when he felt problems in keeping up indexing. Comex is also using iPhone 3G and said that his poor iPhone 3G is more snapper than before. This is the reason he has explained to all Apple users that don’t hesitate in adopting this technique rather than moving back to iOS 3.1.3.

Don’t know how to disable Spotlight? Below steps will guide you how to do so.

  • From iPhone Home screen, navigate to Settings.
  • Tap on “general” and the select option “Spotlight Search”.
  • From here you need to deselect items. Try to deselect as many items as it is possible.

Well! The tip is not harmfull for your iPhone 3G so you can try it before downgrading to previous version iOS 3.1.3. Hopefully this would resolve your iPhone problem.

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