Enable multitasking for Cydia on your iOS 4 device

Cydia does not support the multitasking on iOS 4. Cydia 1.1. Saurik has introduced a new feature that lets you to resume where you had stopped. Is there any way to enable multitasking for Cydia? Fortunately the answer is “YES”. It is now possible to do so. Well! If you want to enable it but don’t know how to then this tutorial will guide you properly with easy and simple steps. Follow these steps and enjoy multitasking for cydia on your iPhone.

If something goes wrong or you perform the wrong step then you can end up the procedure by restoring your device back.

Enable multitasking on iOS for Cydia

  • First of all go to Cydia, and then download iFile from here.
  • Once downloading completes, load the iFile.
  • Navigate to path: “/Applications/”.
  • Here you will see different files with different extensions. Browse for file “info.plist” and then select it.
  • Different options will be displayed on your device screen. Choose “Text Viewer” option.      <key> UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend </ key>                                                                                  <true/>
  • Once you find the given lines, tap on “Edit” button located at top left side of screen. Replace “<true/>” with <”false/>”.
  • Click on “Done” button to save the file, exit iFile and then restart your device. That’s all.

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