Top 10 Dangerous Intersections

Roughly one third of all speed vehicle collisions occur at intersections. Generally, intersections are measured to be more hazardous than other regions of the road due to apparent dangers, since all three types of conflicting points are generated at the intersection, the cross conflict point being the most dangerous one is observed in a great variety at intersections, according to a study it has been noted that 32 different types of conflicting points occur at the intersection which generates danger of collision. The region where conflict points occur is termed as conflict region and it is defined as the place where vehicles and motor cars compete with one another for a same physical space.

No. 10: Fair Oaks Boulevard and Howe Avenue

Linda Tucker with the city of Sacramento’s Transportation Department says the high volume of traffic incidents at Howe at Fair Oaks has decreased slightly the last five years thanks to some safety improvements. They include more traffic signal lights, added red signal light time, an expanded westbound turn lane and more signage.

No. 9: Clearview Parkway and Veterans Memorial Boulevard

Accidents between passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles like delivery trucks, 18-wheelers, semi trucks and tractor trailers can present unique legal challenges.  Far from a conflict of equals, a commercial vehicle’s owner might be a national or even international corporation.  Damages and injuries experienced by a car or light-truck driver are typically severe.  And, with large sums of money and even employment at stake, commercial vehicle drivers have ample motive to be dishonest.

No. 8: State highway 121 and Preston Road

A nationwide study of fatal crashes at traffic signals in 1999 and 2000 estimated that 20 percent of the drivers involved failed to obey the signals. In 2005, more than 800 people were killed and an estimated 165,000 were injured in crashes that involved red light running. About half of the deaths in red light running crashes are pedestrians and occupants in other vehicles who are hit by the red light runners.

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