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Report: Apple Is Testing New Quad-Core Powered iPhone

Oliver Haslam, a renowned journalist, reports, “Apple is internally testing not just dual-core iPhones like the iPhone 4S, but also quad-core handsets.” He further reports, “It’s fairly obvious that Apple will be testing just about anything and everything at the moment, with quad-core iPhones being in test benches in Cupertino entirely likely. That said, there

Rumor: Apple Suppliers Starting To Ship 4″ Screens For Next iPhone

On Saturday, rumor of a four-inch iOS device emerged from Macotakara that claims Hitachi and Sony, two of the three companies constituting the Japan Display alliance, were already producing both iPad 3 LCDs and 4-inch LCDs for a new iOS device. As per an Asian source, “Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation started

RadioShack Offering Discounted iPhone 3GS, 4 Handsets Until August 20th

This may not be the hottest sale you’re hoping for, but it’s something to look into. According to CNET, from now through August 20, RadioShack is cutting an amount of US$30 off the price of Apple’s iPhone 4, as well as the iPhone 3GS. Even bigger discounts can be had if buyers bring in their

The Future Of Apple’s Mobile Devices Beyond The iPhone 5

“The pre-paid market in the US is fairly anemic, but dominates Asia and Africa and holds a fair portion of the market in Europe and Latin America. This huge potential market is likely making Apple’s shareholders salivate and would provide a burst of growth to the company if it were able to launch a product

Next iPhone Could Find You A Lover Or A Friend

Apple is working on a new social experience for the iPhone that will allow irradiated, cycloptic mutants to find out what they have in common. This should work for everyone based on the actual wording of the patent, allowing you to use your iPhone to find the most interesting person in the room, every single

Rumor: iPhone 5 Camera System Undergoing Redesign

Indeed it’s the leaks that make technology interesting. On Wednesday, a part supplier leaked beliefs that Apple is redesigning the camera flash for the iPhone 5. According to reports, the company has “significantly reduced” the number of orders from Philips for the LED flashes used in the iPhone 4 over the past one to two

Next Gen iPhone, iPad May Use Rogue Video Chip

Next generation iPhone and iPad may get a performance boost from Imagination Technologies and its new PowerVR Series6 GPU, code named “Rouge.” GPU chips for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are already provided by the same company. Imagination Technologies made public the Rogue GPU on Wednesday, touting Texas Instruments, ST-Ericsson and MediaTek, along with

Rumor: Apple Testing iPhone Handset With Sprint Network

According to the sources, a version of the iPhone for Sprint’s network is currently in advanced testing. The physical design of this device is similar to the iPhone 4 of today, so this might be the iPhone 4S device which supports all carriers that we have been hearing whispers about. Rumor also has it that

More Proof Emerges Of Hybrid GSM-CDMA ‘iPhone 4S’

Further proof has been provided by a new report that Apple is looking to release later this year a global iPhone capable of connecting to both GSM and CDMA networks. According to the report, Apple plans to base the so-called “iPhone 4S” off the CDMA iPhone 4 for Verizon Wireless, adding hybrid GSM-CDMA functionality and

What’s Next For Apple’s iPhone?

Apple is famous for its secrecy and ability to surprise industry insiders and consumers on the day of its launch. As with every other Apple post out there at the moment, nothing has been confirmed, nor will it be unless Apple decides to announce features for its upcoming iOS 5 release. Although June iPhone announcement