STELLA — World’s First Solar Powered Family Car

Talking about the cars, one would love to have cheaper fuel sourcea and high efficiency cars both at the same time! Solar powered cars give the best call for this solution so far.

There have been lots of speculation about hybrid cars but that’s not it. Many people have came up with innovative ideas. Out of which one is ‘Stella’, the boasting title of the world’s first successful electricity producing solar powered family car. Stella can speed upto 60 miles/hour and can carry around four members of your family. It can flawlessly travel upto 600 Kilometers.

The design was carried out by Solar Team Eindhoven, though the design looks bit funky but it gets the job done. Solar cells line the roof of the carbon fiber and aluminum constructed vehicle, it not only helps in powering the vehicle, but it also helps in generating power for the all gadgetry inside the cockpit which includes the touchscreens and intuitive steering wheel. Stella carries a huge trunk for all your groceries and luggage. So now you don’t need to worry about your picnics as this car is a complete solution for your adventures and trips! Check out the pictures below.






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