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Top 10 Amazing Innovations Of The Near Future

The 21st century can be called the age of innovations, wouldn’t you agree? This is possible because of groundbreaking technology that has been made possible and the 24/7/365 research that just keeps going on in every aspect of science. Internet has made transfer of information lightning fast and has contributed a lot to the new

Japanese Company To Build an Elevator From Earth to Space

Imagine stepping into an elevator, pressing the “Space” button and sometime later, floating in space!!. How cool will that be? This might sound madness now but glad fully, one Japanese company is ready to put money on this idea. This capability of providing a direct lift to space will open new avenues of research for

Paper Laptops

The greener the world the healthier we are. Stepping in this century one of the most focused aspect is to save nature and to minimize the sources we utilize and control the usage of planet gifts to us. Computers and their accessories are made up of  metals and different type of plastics and non recyclable things. To save nature,

Cars With Pedestrian AirBags

Volvo always being one step ahead safety planning to introduce some new cars in 2013 with the pedestrians safety marked important. Thinking out of the box Volvo is keen to make air-bags even for the pedestrians as well. Now this looks promising, all what happens is that whenever there is any person at alarmingly front of the

The Disappearing Car Doors

Ever wondered what would be the future of auto mobiles. One always comes up with an idea of self driving and navigating or finally stepping in the world of Jetson and family where the cars fly and have wheels only for landing. But what we see in the near future is some thing different and its

Corning Aims To Take The World

Talking about the future we glimpse in the world created by Corning. We have already been familiar with what Corning Industry and Technology plans for our tomorrow as we previously saw a video taking us to the world of Corning technology and the video was called “A day made of glass” We saw how beautifully

Toyota Aims Safety In Developing Future

Toyota being the biggest manufacturers of car industry in Japan leads the future technology for vehicle and human safety in a different fashion. Reportedly many road traffic accidents in Japan were caused due to the elderly drivers due to heart attack , and their impact to the pedestrians or other cars on the traffic road. So

Brushing Teeth And Diagnosing Problem Made Easy!

How many of you brush your their teeth twice or thrice a day but still get some plague or gums problems? It looks awkward to you when you can’t find any plague but you are feeling the pain at the same time. Well a concept for making out things easy is done by using a Smart tooth