The Disappearing Car Doors

Ever wondered what would be the future of auto mobiles. One always comes up with an idea of self driving and navigating or finally stepping in the world of Jetson and family where the cars fly and have wheels only for landing. But what we see in the near future is some thing different and its also one of the more advance way! thats the disappearing car doors. The Jatech is the imaginator and the creators of the idea.

Now these advance doors whether they are to come in the future or not! atleast we hadn’t seen such doors in the public cars for now. So these doors actually fold down and the passengers can easily top out of the car with out any in convenience, since it gives more gap for he passengers to come out or sit in and make you worry less for your doors striking on the other side parked car. This way you can also boost your parking lots with more cars as the drivers and the passengers will be requiring less space for entering or coming out of the vehicle.

Take a look at the video how it actually looks to have a peek in future.


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