Don’t Be Scared To Bring Your Wet Umbrella Inside Again With The Kjaro Umbrella & Case

kjaro umbrella 2

In the past few years, some cool umbrella innovations have been released such as ones that shrug off 70 MPH winds, boast unbreakable frames, and even ones that fend of the rain with forceful air. One problem that many of these new umbrella innovations that don’t cater to taking care of the wet when coming in from the rain. This new umbrella called Kjaro however takes care of this.

kjaro umbrella 1

The umbrella which is accompanied by a unique case allows you to never have to leave it outside to be left to drip dry. Instead, all you have to do is to fold it up when your done, and put it in the case and put it anywhere. The case of the Kjaro case is made from waterproof textiles on both the inside and the outside. The water is therefore left to slide out the bottom of the case after being collected into an integrated chamber. All you will then have to do is to empty the chamber into a sink before going back out to face inclement weather again.

kjaro umbrella 3

In addition to its integrated chamber that is used for releasing the water collected, the case comes with a loop for easily hanging on a hook and a flat bottom for standing upright on a flat surface. There are also square tips to avoid poking accidents, a winding magnetic band for simpler opening/closing, an aluminum frame, and fiberglass ribs. In case you want to use a different umbrella that may be more suitable for you outfit, the case is sized like a standard three-folds umbrella. Pre-ordering of the Kjaro Umbrella will be available soon.

kjaro umbrella 4

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