Dancing Traffic Lights to Improve Road Safety

Pedestrian’s safety often remain in danger to their impatience and they ignore the red man at traffic lights. This ignorance could lead to fatal accident. Nowadays people are so busy that they don’t want to wait for green man and which is increasing the risk of accident. So what is the solution? In search of this problem’s solution the car manufacturer  ‘Smart‘ came up with an idea. They have done an experiment to make the traffic lights dancing to see could it be able to encourage the pedestrians to wait for green man.

The motive of this dancing traffic light is to capture the pedestrian’s attention who are waiting to cross the road and to entertain them. The experiment has been conducted at Lisbon, Portugal. The display was showing the dancing red man who dance on music instead of static standard figure. This dancing red man’s figure which is of low resolution represents the people dancing in nearby booth.

Choosing music by entering the booth  was an option for the pedestrians individually. Music have started during the time of traffic to move and they were instructed to dance at that moment. This dancing of pedestrians individual’s as a video feed was relayed in real-time in the form of dancing red man which shows they should wait.

It is good idea to entertain the people and capture their attention by showing the red man dancing which actually represents the pedestrians’ dancing and so how it is they are becoming itself the part of this entertaining project.

The results of this experiment was amazing according to the the ‘Smart’. They said 81% pedestrians had stopped when they have to stop and to wait for the green signal to move in compare to the previous situation.

 Images Courtesy: Smart

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