Breaking News! iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus could bend in your pocket

Image Credit: Unbox therapy (Youtube)

Have you heard the term ‘bendgate’? It just come to the  news due to the users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus who are saying these phones could bend in your pocket. On social media like facebook. twitter, people are saying their phones have become warped in pocket pocket when they sat on something with it.

The actual composition of chassis of new iPhone is secret but it is milled from solid piece of aluminium according to the reports.  According to complaints, the new iPhones could bent down near the volume buttons as shown in the picture. the interesting thing to know is that the screen will not break with bending of iPhone chassis but when you set it down to its original shape, it could break.

After the sayings of users about this happening of bending of new iPhones. the experiment has been conducted by the ‘Unbox Therapy‘ (youtube channel) to know that is it true or not. The results were stunning. the videos of experiments are shown below.


Check out the Videos:

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