Top 10 Amazing Innovations Of The Near Future

The 21st century can be called the age of innovations, wouldn’t you agree? This is possible because of groundbreaking technology that has been made possible and the 24/7/365 research that just keeps going on in every aspect of science. Internet has made transfer of information lightning fast and has contributed a lot to the new innovations. There are so many innovations that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them. Today we bring you the list of top 10 most amazing innovations that we believe are to hit the market in near future! So here you are folks, a glimpse of what the future holds!

10. The Chemputer

Lee Cronin and his chemputerStill at the concept factory, this idea is quite amazing and might just work! Ok, so we have already heard about 3D printers and some of us might have used them. This, Chemputer, is a similar idea except that it takes things to the next level; molecular level. Just as the 3D printer can print a design into a form of object, this device will be able to print your medication. What? Yes it would. Coupled with a mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, this medicine printer would be able to print out your prescription in the form of medication and imagine the new possibilities this idea generates! You could have your medicine while you are at home and this could improve healthcare globally. The idea will definitely have a drastic effect on pharmaceutical industry too!




9. Next-generation biofuels

9Fossil fuels are expensive and not to mention, scarce. Biofuels were once considered to be the solution but they rely on edibles for their production and that is affecting Food industry. Scientists have come up with the idea of net-generation biofuels which would be derived from non-edibles and they are hoping to meet a quarter of world fuel requirement with this by the year 2050. Non-edibles that are being used as source include Stover, switch grass and wood chips.



8. Graphene

crumpled graphene flakeMan of steel is outdated now; its the time for man of Graphene. This substance is 300 times stronger than steel and is as light as a feather. Some spectacular specs are as follows; its thickness is one atom, 1m2 weighs only 0.77 milligram. What else could you ask for? Made of pure carbon, this substance, has promised to revolutionize the world and manufacturing industry. One billion in grants have been provided to researchers who are working to bring this thing into the market with a boom! Graphene has some amazing uses in the industry; spacecrafts, electronics and what not. So keep a watch for your graphene made devices which are going to be durable and light.


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