Amazing New Sled Designed By BMW For Competitions

What more do you want if you have the most intuitive designs in front of you. BMW has presented a masterpiece in the the form of this new automobile.

It seems that the age of smart materials has begun and new materials are being introduced that increase the car’s performance, speed and aerodynamics .Well as the company names it,its the fastest Olympic gold medal winning Sled with a lighter body structure and a low, centralized center of gravity.

The compact design and the light weight helps to maintain a firm balance and grip when you are on the race track to win the race .Sources say that this design will participate in the FIBT World Cup. Well let’s see how it performs in real and where this car takes the automobile industry.

BMW unveils M2 2-Man Bobsled in Lakle Placid.

BMW unveils M2 2-Man Bobsled in Lakle Placid.


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