Aston Martin DBS Ultimate Coming To Roads

Aston Martin DBS Ultimate is on its way to launch and it will be one elegant car. You can call it as a sports car or you may term it as your luxurious ride to spin around the city. The new two door vehicle is the ultimate version of Aston Martin. The car boasts 510 horse power thanks to its ultra powerful V12 Engine(the same as one was in standard edition).However, to cheer up car lovers, the ultimate edition has too much more than the standard edition. So the new car includes carbon fiber wing mirrors, special badging and superior decals. To enhance the front view they just introduced a new darkened front grill and for rear patch they added black tail pipes. Moreover the car comes with diamond-quilted stitching in the cabin and at front lights, alcantara headlining is also done. Additionally the brake calipers have also been coloured with red, yellow or black. The gear paddles are also leather trimmed. You can select the manual version or the automatic transmission version with a coupe or Volante (convertible) body. In short its a complete package that offers everything in one. The car would be available in three colours Carbon Black II, Quantum Silver and Silver Fox. Enjoy the gallery below to have a glance at this beauty.

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