Book Sculptures That Will Amaze You

Brian Dettmer, a talented artist, has the great skill of converting old books and maps into fascinating sculptures. Such artists are born once in a century and Brian is undoubtedly an amazing artist who has a perfect grip over his work. He has produced some really amazing book sculptures, that one could not let go without admiring the efforts of the artist. He doesnt restrict his skills and expertise to small structures, but he has also produced some great structures with this technique. He has named his art as “Book Art” and he has also been selling his famous book with the same title since 2011.

His inspiration came from the positive use of books which have no more use. Like nowadays, media is too much fast and the information you require can be just searched within few clicks, so the purpose of such old books dies when no body is there to take a look at them. Below we have some of the pictures of his creations. Scroll down the gallery to watch the fascinating work done by Brian.

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