Timeline Of Moon By NASA

Its always amazing to search for the past and hidden facts. Exploring things and discovering what happened in past is a vast field and it always stands on the pillars of suppositions and acceptance behaviour until you do not find out any pure evidence left in past or till the time you do not put out something logical.

We have heard alot of stories about the formation of our planet Earth and among which we believe what we see. So far the most believable theory in accordance to science is the big bang theory, when all the universe was created in a big blowing bomb which created planets and moons. We found an interesting story told by the NASA about the moon, and ofcourse we are pretty obvious about the information shared by NASA since they people rely on facts and are far most considered the genius persons of this planet.

The story told by the NASA about our moon let us know that how the creation of moon started and how it got from the eras of volcanic eruptions and meteor attacks. The video explains everything about our moon, explains its appearance as well. Check out the video!


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