Life Size Dinosaurs Carved From Pumpkins For Halloween

These amazing life-sized dinosaurs are entirely carved out of pumpkins. One of the most celebrated events of the year takes place around Halloween at the Van Cortland Manor in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. Thousands of incredible jack o’lantern carvings are lit up in a spooky exhibition of giant spiders, flying pumpkin ghosts, skulls, skeletons, bats and

Edible banana sculptures. Yeah, that’s actually a thing now.

Japanese Artist Keisuke Yamada has set a new record for sculpting figures from… bananas. Scoff if you like, but sculpting something as flimsy and delicate as a banana is not simple. Using only a spoon and some toothpicks, the artist transforms a banana into an art piece. His very first creation was a simple smiling face, but

Chrome T-REX Sculpture In Paris

T-REX, the one badass creature in Dinosaur family. No one can deny its kingship in the Dino world. This fierce carnivore was the largest meat eating dinosaur that lived thousands of year ago on the same planet we are living on right now. Philippe Pasqua did a fantastic work in creating and installing T-REX chromed sculpture

Amazing Pumpkin Art [Pictures]

Heads up: Halloween is coming and it’s the right time for artists to come up with crazy ideas for this annual event. People wait for this time of the year to dress up in scary costumes, but Villafane Studio has released a series of horror pumpkins. The work is really adorable and the depth of art

Book Sculptures That Will Amaze You

Brian Dettmer, a talented artist, has the great skill of converting old books and maps into fascinating sculptures. Such artists are born once in a century and Brian is undoubtedly an amazing artist who has a perfect grip over his work. He has produced some really amazing book sculptures, that one could not let go without admiring the efforts

Book Sculptures Telling You The Book Story

How crazy you call yourself for art? Well there is a self answering question laid by Su Blackwell who is a great artist. She loves to read books and after that she wants to create something out of that book which shows the storyline of the book in one picture. Now this is totally amazing,

Some Wire Sculptures

A U.K artist named Derek Kinzett proved his skills of fine arts by making wonderful sculptures from wires. He used all kind if wires and bend them to make fascinating sculptures. These formed in raw look can then be painted to make them look more awesome. The details and the provision of reality by the

Sculptures From Old Car Parts!

This is amazing. Tom Samui and his team are fond of making some sculptures from old car parts. This sounds crazy but no doubt that creativity asks no limits, its just you, you thoughts and your determination. These sculptures made from old car parts really require a hard effort and according to Tom it takes