Guinness Book of World Record Adds World’s Biggest Wood Carving

Guinness Book of Records has been edited recently after seeing this longest wooden carving. The talented Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui has spent the last four years meticulously carving a detailed imitation of “Along the River during the Qingming Festival“, 1000 years old famous traditional Chinese painting, into a 12-meter-long tree trunk. The complex work features boats, bridges, building

When Trash Becomes Amazing Art

Getting creative with trash bags! These are some awesome results!

The Boy Got Some Talent!

We have seen artists with their different and unique mediums to express their talent.  But this story is matchless because this smart artist has invented a completely new drawing style with the same conventional mediums. Brian Lai, a brilliant Malaysian artist is able to make rough sketches show up into full-fledged realistic drawings, when edited

God Father Sculpture Exclusively Built With Matchsticks

Artists usually portray things they love in order to express their affiliation, the language they use makes it all special. Different artists have different mediums to do so, Croatian artist Tomislav Horvat loves the Godfather series and his medium of art is matchsticks, he amazed the world with his unique sculpture of Al Pacino as Don Michael

Massive Playable Rubik Cube Building

They say art can change the world, seems true to me. Walking on a street with those sober buildings around you, you don’t expect a building in the form of a Rubik’s Cube, yes a giant Rubik’s cube. Such a building will definitely add some level of excitement to your experience. Well such a building

This Morgan Freeman Portrait Is Actually a Finger Painting Drawn On iPad

What’s unique about this portrait? Right! It’s a painting of Hollywood star Morgan Freeman. Oh wait! It’s a painting made on an iPad. 26-year-old artist Kyle Lambert has created a mind-boggling finger painting of Mr. Freeman. It’s hard to identify his piece if placed with the real photograph. It took him one month and 285,000 finger

Stunning Portraits created with Hammer and Nails

Art is not restricted to the basic canvas and brushes. Instead of using ink and paper, artist David Foster hammers thousands of nails onto a canvas to create these incredibly meticulous art pieces. Each piece requires some technical methodology which proves Foster’s love for technical drawing as an architect. Each piece is based off of

Guy Turns Car Dust Into Amazing Artwork

Some artists make use of edibles such as eggs or bananas; others turn their body into a canvas. But here’s a guy who uses dust as paint and cars as canvas, recreating complex urban skylines and landscapes through the dust accumulated on the surface of cars. During his on-duty hours in streets of Azerbaijan’s capital, parking attendant Rafael Veyisov

When Your Body Becomes Your Canvas

There are countless tattoo artists around the world, but a film student Jodi Steel from Boston found a new fascinating skill to inspire art lovers and tattoo fanatics. Using her body as the canvas, she brilliantly created implausible sketches. She received recognition when photos went viral. It started with normal doodling just like every bored

This Portrait Art Made with Nothing but a Regular Pen Will Leave You Speechless

It’s hard to believe, but these painting are made with a regular Bic Ballpoint pen.  They are tricky; the simplicity of the ballpoint pen is deceiving. Artist Gareth Edwards from UK draws extraordinarily detailed portraits using only pens, creating  portraits of famous celebrities as Audrey Hepburn, Walt Disney and Natalie Portman. Initially he preferred ballpoint because