An Art Created Using A Jet

This might be one of the most expensive art we have yet seen. Florida-based artist Princess Tarinan von Anhalt creates fantastic abstract art by throwing some cans of paint in air and letting the strong winds from Jet do the rest of work. Making some paintings by just throwing paint in air might sound easy from here but trust me its a tough job on ground. Princess Tarinan von Anhalt has to keep pace with the winds and for proper paint throw, she has to communicate with the pilot of the Jet. She also has a crew of assistants who help her to set the canvas and assist her in moving through those tailwinds.

Unlike any other art, this art needs the most expensive paint brush (Jet Engine). Howeover, the princess is confident and assures that people will pay up to $50,000 just to watch her create an art piece. Previously she has also decorated clothing like swim suits, jeans and luggage with the same Jet Art. Now her next focus is to apply this same awe-inspiring art on an expensive supercar. She has five showing scheduled for this year so if you are a lover of abstract art then you should check out her work live. Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think.

Flexjet/Jet Art Media



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