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Archipod — The New Garden Office

The new Archipod might be the best new eco-friendly office solution for any residence. The pod shape blends in natural environment beautifully. Its outer surface is made from curved plywood structural tiles which makes it aesthetically charming. The interior of the pod has been furbished with a high class fiberglass/plasterboard. The door of the pod opens like a spaceship. Thanks to circular windows and a dome skylight which provides interior of the pod maximum light with sunlight. When you step inside the pod, there is a semicircular desk that is offered in a variety of color options. Moreover, the floor has a timber finish. This might be the perfect pod for those who have a small office at their homes. This all new office pod is available for $42,500. Take a look at its gallery below:Archipod-Eco-Friendly-Garden-Office-Pod-1





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