AT&T has specific upgrade eligibility criteria for iPhone 4S

Apple has started receiving iPhone 4S pre-orders but most of the subscribers are hesitating to check whether they meet the requirements for an upgrade.

TheNextWeb made discussion with AT&T and also their readers who got iPhone from At&T and found a wealth of thought that can check the upgrade eligibility. You should keep these tenets in your mind that can help you in giving the idea of what is inside the store and what things are in your favor.

There are various factors that you should consider for checking the upgrade but the most important are as follows:

  • How timely you are paying bills as the late billing payments can increase the time between upgrades.
  • When your contract is almost closer to the end, it means the time has come for an upgrade.
  • How much you have paid. If you are paying from more than one month then you are likely to very near to upgrade.

So, the above things make a sense considering AT&T have some rules and ways to repay their customers by giving them new devices at low price. There are three tiers of customers as follows:

Tier 1 customers

They pay more in a month to get unlimited minutes, text messages and 2GB data plan per month.

Tier 2 customers

Majority of users lie in this category. They pay certain amount for texting plan, minutes and 2GB per month data plan.

Tier 3 customers

These are low commitment subscribers who get 200 MB data plan per month.

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