Effective Alternatives To Apple’s Flaky iOS Alarm Clock

If your alarm clock is constantly failing to wake you up at time because it does not have the features to automatically update according to the time changes in your region, then it is about time that you install a third party alarm clock on your Apple.

Alarm Clock +

An alarm clock that is packed with features to increase display, includes the handy flashlight function, allows you to the adjust the brightness, adjust the alarm volume, set any music to your alarm playlist, and so on, can only be the Alarm Clock +. It also displays weather updates and easily update your schedule by putting multiple alarms. The flashlight function is easy to use and just needs to shake to turn it on.

Alarm Clock Pro

Alarms Clock Pro is for those people exactly who prefer the old fashioned digital display with whistles and bells under the hood. This clock displays a lot more useful information when you are holding your phone in landscape mode. Although, the clock might look like the old-school alarm clock, but it features many useful information like current day of the week and the current weather in your area. There are 11 different alarm sounds to choose from, but you can also choose sounds from a custom playlist. One of the best things about Alarm Clock Pro is that it even works when you forget to turn its application on.

Sleep Cycle

Earlier mentioned alarm clocks might be a lot old-fashion as compared to the Sleep Cycle. This is one of the most amazing alarm clocks that you will ever come across because if you set the alarm for 7:00 AM, Sleep Cycle will wake you up at the time when you will feel most refreshed. It does so by monitoring your sleep pattern with the help of iPhone sensors and wakes you up when you sleep is the lightest so you can easily get out of your bed.

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