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CARDIIO – A New App that Monitors the Heart Without Even Touching You

This innovative new app for iPhone called “Cardiio” allows you to measure your heart rate without any stethoscope or additional equipment. Now you don’t need those uncomfortable chest straps to monitor your heart beat and blood pressure. This app can do the same trick with some amazing new technology. The results shown by Cardiio and

Effective Alternatives To Apple’s Flaky iOS Alarm Clock

If your alarm clock is constantly failing to wake you up at time because it does not have the features to automatically update according to the time changes in your region, then it is about time that you install a third party alarm clock on your Apple. Alarm Clock + An alarm clock that is

How to create iPhone Apps in HTML 5?

Html 5 is the latest version of html and is used for content creation for World Wide Web. It can also be used for creating offline applications for iPhone. Refer to the below instructions to create an iPhone app in html 5. This will be an offline app that can even be used without internet.