Some Perfectly Timed Pictures

There is a famous saying “a picture is worth a thousands words”. One can show expressions through pictures in a better way than by expressing them in words. Today we share some really amazing pictures that were shot at just the right time. Some of these pictures may be rare moments you may never see

Book Sculptures Telling You The Book Story

How crazy you call yourself for art? Well there is a self answering question laid by Su Blackwell who is a great artist. She loves to read books and after that she wants to create something out of that book which shows the storyline of the book in one picture. Now this is totally amazing,

Believe Or Not These Are Just Wires

Art is art, doesn’t matter you start it from a piece of paper or exhibit it on a street wall through some huge wall paintings. Today we have a collection of some spectacular art made by Anne Lindberg, she is the one of artists who usually loves thinking things apart from others. So her passion

Some Screw Portraits

Andrew Myers is the famous person who is well known for his screw art portraits and he does a fascinating job in building them up. The catchy thing of the art is that it is a 3D art which appeals astonishing when it is looked at. Andrew has made several of portraits which show a huge reality

Some Wire Sculptures

A U.K artist named Derek Kinzett proved his skills of fine arts by making wonderful sculptures from wires. He used all kind if wires and bend them to make fascinating sculptures. These formed in raw look can then be painted to make them look more awesome. The details and the provision of reality by the

The Light Sculptures

People have gone beyond the level of your imaginations. Its because the more the world is advancing the more we are getting demanding for unique ideas and unique distinct techniques. The more the one does a unique job the more he gets the appreciation. So here is the time when a Japanese artist brought out

Making Use Of Things

We know and realize that we are living in the world where we thank less and demand more. The growing population of world and the depleting sources are the serious topic to counter. Every year we harvest more natural resources and give the harm hazards to our planet. Like in case of wood or paper,

The Soda Uzi!

Creativity has no limits and bounds. You can go with any work you like but all you require is determination and will power. We have got some thing exciting for you, for all guns and ammo lovers there is something you would love to appreciate and create. A Youtuber made this awesome engineering work and showed his creativity to public. All

Capture The Lightning

Ever wondered to be the Zeus of time capturing the lightning bolts? Well that really can’t happen as you will roast yourself with that! So we found a way to capture the lightning which itself seems exciting and dangerous as well. Todd Johnson is the artist who actually did it. Imagine to capture the lightning

Fascinating Book Sculptures

What to do with your old books? So if you are an Artist or there is an art of creativity in you and you want to make use of your leisure time well there is a perfect time spending and creativity for you. A Canadian Artist GUY LARAMEE made out mind blowing art form the books,