electric cars

ZEOD – Nissan Unveils The Fastest Electric Car In The World

Nissan has just unveiled their new fastest super electric car which purely runs on batteries. The super aerodynamic posture of this new car certainly assures that its built to cross the red line. Dubbed as ZEOD, Nissan engineers have put a great effort allowing this super-car to hit 186 MPH. The most impressive news is

Bolivia Owns Half of World’s Lithium — Now Looking Forward To Utilize It

About half of World’s lithium rests in Bolivia. Most of us know that lithium is one of the lightest solid element and the most important component of electric car batteries. According to an estimate, there is enough lithium in Bolivia to make car batteries for 4.8 billion electric cars. Previously the country didn’t have any

Veritas RS3 – The New Beast Coming To Roads

At the first glance it will make you think that its a batmobile. But dont be mistaken, this is new Veritas RS3, the World’s fastest plug in hybrid. The super beautiful and the beastly car is manufactured by Vermont AG. No doubt this car has stunning look and features.This super smart car is powered by

The Tiny Car That Runs On Air!

Recently, Electric cars have caught the eye of manufacturers and investors who have started working towards this technology more aggressively. The drawback, currently, is that electric cars are too costly. But now comes a technology that might just change all that. A little car known as Airpod is the first commercial project of this technology; technology

The Giant Pong Played By Cars

The Giant pong played by two cars? That was amazing to watch! If you don’t know about it yet, let us tell you what it actually is. The Giant pong was actually devised as an advertisement for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive; the whole set up was done by an ad agency BBDO and the giant-screen game

Fisker Atlantic — A New Born Of Style And Luxury

Fisker Atlantic would be an amazing car with smashing features at a shocking low price. The beauty of the car comes in its aerodynamic design and appealing deep red colour. The car offers an appreciatable luxury and drive. With all this, just in $50,000. Fisker Atlantic would allow users to shift manually or automatically between