It Took This Guy 10 Years To Build A Robot. See If It Was Worth It.

Starting with just a pair of robotic legs that could barely operate and transform to vehicle mode, Kenji Ishida spent 10 years of designing and building a Transformer Robot. The Japanese engineer and hobbyist, along with other researchers at Brave Robotics in Japan, were now successfully able to manufacture an impressive robot, version 7.2, made

Transform Yourself With The All New Drive Suit

Drew Beaumier is the man behind this amazing idea. Drew is a successful entrepreneur who has been striving for past few years to build a real life transformable gear/ costume. After the successful results of the prototypes,  now these Transformers inspired costumes are a commercial product named Drive Suits. With the presence of motorized drive boots,

The Little Transformer — Time To Say AUTOBOTS Transform!

We didn’t get hit by any Cybertron specie but we surely have made one! A little transforming robot that moves like a spider but can transform itself into a ball or a cool multi flaped toy. The creator of this robot is Kåre halvorsen who named it MorPhex. The amazing little robot can perform various

A Real Transforming Robot Is Here

This is like a fantasy! We are not talking about Michael Bay’s Transformers from Cybertron! But now there is a real autobot that transforms from car to robot. It doesn’t stop here as it is also capable of pretty good fighting actions and doing HURRAH moves. Sounds great, isn’t it? Well Kenji Ishida from JS Robotics is the