10 Amazing and Real Flying Cars

Ever since imaginative science fiction came into being, people have been talking about flying cars and it so happens that quite a few successful attempts have been made at this. The interesting fact about a flying car is that it’s a two in one traveling machine, in the air as well as on the ground. Twentieth century marks the existence of a lot of such innovative and marvelous inventions.  Let’s look at the top 10 ingenious flying cars that came into being over the years!

10. Curtiss Autoplane

10This was the first ever flying car to be introduced to the world. Designed by an aviation engineer, Glenn Curtis in 1917, this machine came into being when Curtis amalgamated one of his airplane (a triplane named Curtiss Model L trainer) design with an aluminum Model T. This flying car was propelled on the ground and air with the help of back propellers but unfortunately it could not make it to the sky; just a few hops and it was rejected before WW1 started.

9. Jess Dixon’s Flying Automobile-1

9Jess Dixon might have been unable to create a flying car, but he certainly was able to create such a myth in 1940 when a photo of him with his car appeared in a newspaper in Andalusia, Alabama. It can be seen to have two overhead blades working antagonistically-a gyrocopter on roll. This birdy was said to have an engine of 40 horse power and foot pedals that helped Dixon to control his machine and rotate it in mid-air, move forward and backward and also hover. As cool as it sounds, alas it has never been seen again.

8. Convaircar Model 118

8This small airplane fused with a car named Convair Model 116 Flying Car was run for the first time in 1946. It was literally a car on the road and a plane in air; the propellers, wing and tail could be removed to make it look like a normal car. This model was able to execute 66 flights in total making a huge success in the field. This prototype was followed by another model 118 designed by Ted Hall. He lifted the horse power from 130 to 190 to give it more power in the air. But tragedy struck it on the first run, when it crashed in California due to misjudgment of the fuel amount; having two separate tanks for the car and the plane, the cars tank remained full while that of the plane ran out of gas thus causing the engine to dry up in mid-air.

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