Japanese Designer Creates Chocolate Lego Pieces

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi decided it was time Lego became more than just pieces for building art work, instead he wanted to appeal our hearts. Not one letter short of ingenuity, the idea to combine Lego and chocolate is simply irresistible for adults who will feel nostalgic and children who will hassle said adults for a build & bite treat.

chocolate bricks

Mizuuchi creates this mouth watering goodness by pouring molten chocolate into an intricately designed container and upon cooling can be assembled similarly to their plastic counterparts.  The bricks are available in four flavours: Milk, Dark, White and Strawberry flavoured chocolate.

Milk and white chocolate assembled to make a delicious combination.

It seems there is no real disadvantage to this creation with the only thing that may pose a problem is the sticky situation in which you may find yourself, should it be left unattended at room temperature or higher.

chocolate building bricks
Chocolate Lego Pieces and the container in which is is poured for design replication.

Fortunately or unfortunately there is no reason to worry about any of the disadvantages that you may be able to think about. Currently, this chocolatey delight is not for sale, yes, a bummer, we know.  Maybe someone will run with the idea or the creator may decide to start a fundraiser on a popular crowd funding site. At this point, the story that may eventually unfold remains to be seen.



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