Activating iOS 5 Beta 1 Firmware

As it is already known that iOS beta 1 has been released for the developers and if you have already downloaded the iOS 5 beta 1, you cannot upgrade it before activating your device. If you try to upgrade to iOS 5 beta 1 on an unactivated device, it may make your device useless.

Activating a device means that before installing beta firmware on you device you have to register your UDID to iPhone Developer Program. An unactivated device may encounter problems while syncing with iTunes.

How to get your UDID registered?

There are two ways to get your UDID registered. Simply pay $ 100 and get yourself registered with iPhone Developer Program. This method could be expensive for some people and not reliable for those not interested in developing apps.

Another method is to visit any website selling UDID registrations. You will have to pay not more than   $ 5-10 for this method.

Finding UDID of your device:

  1. Connect your device to the computer.
  2. Select your device from iTunes and click on summary.
  3. Click on ‘Serial Number’ from where you will get the UDID of your device.
  4. Note your UDID very carefully as it consists of long strings of numbers and alphabets.

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