Chinese Clone Phone Maker Thinking To Sue Apple For Copying iPhone 5 Design

This is some serious news with a very interesting title. GooPhone, a Chinese company famous for designing cheap Android phones is now planning to sue Apple for stealing their design for the new iPhone 5. GoPhone released their GoPhone i5 prototypes in market a week based on the design of the original iPhone 5 leaked parts . So according to them they went to market with the design before Apple. And if Apple actually does end up with their new iPhone 5 with the same design then Apple is copying them.

Lets see what Apple will say about this call. It will be interesting to see how this goes and what will be the reaction of GoPhone Company. Will they go ahead with this idea? or will Apple give some statement regarding this issue. Whatever happens, it will be hilarious situation where the biggest company of the world gets sued for copyright infringement

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