Top 10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

We, as humans, are known to be adrenaline junkies. Well, most of us are. We tell ourselves that the word danger is in our system, that its our middle name and what not. But the concept of skydiving, bungee jumping or any other adrenaline infused escapades that we indulge ourselves in seem like a harmless walk in

Best Way To Honor Steve Jobs

The shock of losing a loved one is full of grief and takes a long period to recover. Very few people in this world met Steve Jobs in person but almost everyone has felt the loss. This is only because of the fact that this man taught us how to live a better life, how

Remembering Steve Jobs: We All Pay Tribute

Steve Jobs the man who changed the way we compute or communicate today has passed away. The entire world has gotten sad by this unfortunate incident. Everyone including Tech giants, celebrities, and political leaders are paying tribute to the co-founder of Apple, a man with incredible achievements and amazing brilliance. President Barak Obama said in

Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, Dies

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and the architect of an empire of products that revolutionized computing, cellular and the music industry, has died at the age of 56 in California. Five of his revolutionary tech gadgets include Macintosh, mouse, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Steve Jobs has died from advanced pancreatic cancer that he had been

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey – Challenging Death

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