Steps for pairing Bluetooth and iPhone

By introducing the compatibility of iPhone 4 with Bluetooth devices, apple has enhanced the user’s experience. Users can pair their iPhone to the Bluetooth devices to enable a two-way wireless communication. Pairing iPhone and Bluetooth devices is a very simple process that takes only few minutes to go.

  • Turn the Bluetooth device to Discovery Mode. For Discovery Mode, different devices have different procedures. Refer to the user guide of your respective device to turn it to Discovery Mode.
  • Switch on the iPhone. Go to Settings > General.
  • Click on Bluetooth and turn it ON. All the Bluetooth devices in the respective range of the iPhone will appear on the screen.
  • Click the device you want to connect your iPhone to.
  • Enter the pin code or password for the Bluetooth device. You can consult user guide of your Bluetooth device to know the pin code or password. This will enable the Bluetooth device on your iPhone.
  • In case you need to disable the Bluetooth device, simply select the Bluetooth device icon and choose the option of Forget This Device
  • To return to the Home screen, hit the Home button.

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