Downgrade from iTunes beta

Those who want to downgrade from iTunes 10.5 to other versions, they can easily do it. if you are on windows PC and looking for downgrade to other iTunes version, you can do it by following some very easy steps. These are few steps which will guide you that how to downgrade iTunes 10.5 version in windows.

  • First of all, you will download latest iTunes and during its downloading, make sure that files are safe. For that you will locate your iTunes folder which is in C:My DocumentsMy Music or C:Users (your username)Music in Windows 7. You can make back up of this folder by copying it on other place.
  • Now you will go to control panel, programs and then features. Here you will uninstall the following entries, Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update and iTunes.
  • Once you are done with un-installation of all these programs you will install CC Cleaner and run it. This will remove all the registry entries which were linked with uninstalled programs.
  • Now you will reboot your PC and log back in. Now go to iTunes folder and find the file named iTunes Library.itl. You will rename this file with iTunes Library.itl.old. Now copy all previous libraries and paste into this folder. Install the iTunes version which you want and it is done.

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