Gadgets and other gizmos have become an inherent part of modern existence. If you thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to cool inventions, think again! At the 2015 CES show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, weird gadgets and strange contraptions were the stars of the show. Many of them would surely make you do a double turn!
Following are some of the weird gadgets in a list chosen via a study conducted by the folks at

Fat Belt
This is a smart belt that informs you about weight gain. It has built-in motors that will loosen the belt if you waistline is expanding. These motors act like an indirect messaging system, reminding you to slow down at the dinner table and hit the gym ASAP! If you have a problem with self-control, you will definitely enjoy the Fat Belt!

Breo Eye Massager
Ever experience the tired-eye syndrome? With this revolutionary eye massager that you can simply slip on, the tired eyes will be soothed in no time. With a combined action of air pressure, infrared heat and vibrations, the eye massager will either lull you to sleep or energize you.

O2 Chair
This is a breathing chair designed by Innovzen with the sole purpose of helping you relax. A small device rests under your nose and releases oxygen while you breathe. The chair also shifts up and down, encouraging deep breathing. This is a perfect gadget for high-occupations, but don’t make the mistake of relaxing too much!

Communication Android
Meet Chihira Aico. The creepiest robot you will ever meet, designed by Toshiba. If you glanced at this robo-lady, you wouldn’t think anything of it, but when passing her by, you might hear her singing “What a wonderful world”. Chihira Aico also displays emotions, facial expressions and makes communication signals similar to a human being, i.e. hand waving. She is a perfect gadget for someone who is looking for a partner, not a life-partner!

Imagine having to remember yet another password! Is there an easier way to log-in to email accounts and even unlock the house or car? With the Nymi-band, all this is quite possible. This wrist band utilizes electrical activity from your body heat to seek your authentication. This device is definitely terrifying and intriguing at the same time.

Virtuix Omni VR
This cool gadget is a treadmill that also resembles a torture device. It is designed to let gamers run and walk while playing games. It is basically a body cage with a large and shallow space for walking, supported and surrounded by the arms which form a high ring around the user’s waist. Gamers can put on slip-on shoes with sensors while using this device.

Tao Exercise Chair
Want to lose weight without going to the gym? With the Tao Exercise Chair, users are required to sit and use their arms to pull, push and move with their arms and body core. This is the best gizmo for couch potatoes.

Glam Screen
Selfie technology will soon take over the world. There were several weird gizmos at the CES 2015 Expo centered on the selfie concept. Take the Glam Screen. On the surface, it is a screen protector that is attached to the phone’s screen. When the display comes on, the Glam Screen appears clear, but when it turns off, it converts into a mirror. You can quickly fix your face and take a selfie!
The 2015 CES Expo certainly had its fill of weird gadgets, but the ones mentioned above certainly ranked on top.


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