One Touch Pizza Ordering

So what you are going to read is not less than a rescue story! Are you hungry? Is your fridge as empty as mine remains!? Then if you are sitting in Dubai you can have a pizza ordered in just one touch on the magnet present on your fridge!

Sounds amazing? Isn’t it? A shop named Red Tomato Pizza is very serious about their marketing and are infact thinking out of the box on their marketing strategy. Now these crazy marketers have come up with a little magnet pizza box which is attached on your fridge and it is connected via bluetooth to your phone. So if you are feeling hungry just open that little magnetic pizza box and order your pizza.

This happens when you setup your favourite pizza in your phone, so on every click the order is generated and in a couple of minutes you pizza is delivered to your address. The good thing is that on clicking the order button you get a confirmation message on your phone. If you want to cancel this order you can cancel it too.

Take a look how it works! Cheers if you are already feeling hungry 🙂


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