The Tiny Closet Space Allowed By Your Small Apartment Now Extended With The ‘Container’ Bed

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Living in a tiny apartment would have you wishing that you had more of almost everything. More space in your kitchen, a bigger bathroom and definitely more space in your closet. Your answer for more closet space could be this space-saving bed that has hidden storage space. Designed by Italian furniture designer Dielle, the ‘Container’ bed is outfitted with gas pump that lifts the bed to provide convenient access to a four-square-meter walk-in closet.

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Using a modular system, easy customization of the multifunctional Container bed is admitted. The elevated mattress is access by stairs at the sides that also double as extra storage. The space beneath the elevated bed can be access either as a crawl space or be used as a short walk-in closet once the bed is lifted. Inside the storage space there are units with rails for hanging clothes like dress shirt, as well as shelving units, which can be arranged to your liking.

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The modular system is made from 100% recyclable Ecolegno wood panels that are made from timber sourced from FSC forests and high-density polymers. The panels come in a variety of colors and finishes. The starting price for the Container bed is €3,800.

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