10 Awesome & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes To Make For Your Pet

The great excuse we always have to play dress-up with our pets is just around the corner! The spooky holiday, Halloween, is a day that many of us look forward to see our friends come out dressed up in some of the most awesome costumes and even dress up our furry friends.

While our pets might not be as enthused about their outfits as we are, it’s important that their adorable ensembles are safe and comfortable for them to wear. If you haven’t yet figured out what you will be dressing them up in, check out this list of eight (8) cool DIY costumes that you (and hopefully your pet) will love.


1. Lion costume

diy pet costumes 1


2. CHIA Pet costume

diy pet costumes 2


3. Starbucks costume

diy pet costumes 3


4. Martini Dog Costume

diy pet costumes 4


5. Minions costume

diy pet costumes 5


6. Star Wars AT-At costume

diy pet costumes 6


7. Piñata dog costume ---VIA---


8. Ghost dog costume

diy pet costumes 8


9. Peacock dog costume

diy pet costumes 9


10. Zebra dog costume

diy pet costumes 10

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