Download Facebook Messenger App for your iPhone

Surprising news! Facebook has released messenger app for your favorite iPhone smartphone named Facebook Messenger. The app is accessible only it in united state and Canadian app store but unfortunately it is not announced globally yet. Canadian and U.S users would be much excited after listening this news.

Facebook Messenger allows you to create message very quickly. Just go to app, send message to your friends and it will be reached towards other side very quickly. You can also message to multiple friends at once.

Below are the few good features that you will see in Facebook Messenger.

  • It lets’ you to send instant message to your friends on Messenger.
  • Group conversation is possible to make any plan.
  • You can chat with your friends that are on Facebook.
  • During group conversation, you can add more friends at any time.
  • You can attach photos into messages.
  • Alert settings can be controlled for each person with whom you are making conversation.
  • If your friend doesn’t have Messenger, you can communicate through text message.

You can download Facebook Messenger app from App store if you live in Canada or U.K. Link to download is:

So have you decided to get Facebook Messenger app for your iPhone device?

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