Final Fantasy Tactics will release on August 4th

Great news for Apple users! Developer of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has added Secret of Mana and final fantasy games in app. That’s really cool. The games are much expensive games because of their popularity.

Japanese developer has released a new game naming “Final Fantasy Tactics” in this week. You will be shocked after hearing that the price of new game is a sky high that is $15.99. It must be one of the highest prices from all games present in app store.

Final Fantasy Tactics: the War of the Lions will available to purchase on august 4th. DS and PSP games are receiving high scores. Both games are giving up turn based strategy to play games. It seems that Final Fantasy Tactics has prevailed on DS and PSP.

Final Fantasy Tactics supports 3GS but not compatible with 3G. There is no option for multiplayer and add-ons are also not available.

If you receive call while playing game on an iPhone, you will not lose your game status. Autosave feature is present in game that allows you to receive calls and after call ending you will get the same status of game where you stopped it.

As the price is very expensive but tactics games lover will not hesitate to buy it.

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