10 Most Interesting Apps of iPhone

The iPhone is a great device, but the App Store has made the advancement in iPhone. As the thousands of developers through their creativity make changes in the device.

There is a list of 10 apps that ranges from software to musical instruments to games as they are considered for their quality, innovation and other achievements.

10. Stanza:

For the book readers Stanza has soared in popularity, and iPhone is competing Amazon’s Kindle. Stanza also expanded its store for iPhone users to purchase commercial titles.

9. Say Where:

By downloading Say Where on your iPhone, users’ speech into queries for Google map, Yelp, Traffic or Yellow pages are translated.

8. Tweetie:

Twitter is a new form of micro- blogging. It is the best app to follow your twitter friends. It allows you to twitter and save that search for later use.

7.  NetShare:

Through NetShare you can wirelessly connect your iPhone with that of the modem but this app was banned later on by the Apple because AT&T terms of service agreement was violated by NetShare.

6. Shazam:

If you hold the iPhone up to the speaker and play any unknown tune the Shazam app will identify the name of the singer, album etc.

5. Ocarina:

It is a creative iPhone app as it let the developers to have enough imagination.

4. TapTapRevenge:

By downloading TapTapRevenge it allows you to download new tracks to tap to, similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band’s music store to your iPhone.

3. Trism:

It is actually a well designed game and it is to move around the puzzle pieces. Actually there are three games in one.

2. Pandora:

Through this application you can download free music, video and others on to your device.

1. Google Earth:

You can freely download the Google earth application into your device and search for anything with one click.

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