Watch full TV Shows by TNT and TBS apps on iPhone or iPad

NBC has launched new iPad app version that lets you to see NBC TV show of your own choice. You can watch full episode of any favorite show on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. NBC is not the only Company that has Turner Broadcasting System but a Time Warner Company also lies on the same line. It has introduced TNT for your iPhone or iPad device. Both apps contain the same functionality and you can update your beloved device to TNT or TBS apps.

TNT apps for iPhone:

It brings full TV shows no matter where you are. Whenever you desire, you can check for episode guides, go to see watch clips and set reminders behind the video or simply see the whole episode. Yeah! Enjoy the Falling Skies, The Closer and many more after getting authentication from television provider.

TBS app for iPhone:

Comedy is a best way to cure your sadness. By TBS very funny app, you can check for your favorite comedies at anytime and anywhere. Make authentication and entertain yourself by watching Conan, The Office and whatever you want.

Below are the links to download apps for iPad and iPhone.

TNT for iPhone:

TBS for iPhone:

TNT for iPad:

TBS for iPad:

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