Best New Year Gift Ideas to Ring in 2021

Hand warmers

New Year Gifts for 2021

Is it that time of year again? As we wave goodbye to 2020, many people are preparing to gift friends and family with some New Year treats. Sure, 2020 has been a frankly awful year (thanks again COVID!) and there’s plenty of questions hanging over 2021, but why not ring in the coming year in style with some of these amazing New Year gift ideas.

And yes, we get it, an utterly amazing gift would be something like a new iPhone, or what about a car! However, we will assume you are not Bill Gates and are looking for something a little more affordable. With that in mind, below are some cool small gift ideas to help 2021 be even more special.

K’nex Intermediate 60 Model Set (Buy on Amazon)

K'nex Intermediate 60 Model Building Set

Don’t be fooled into thinking K’nex is a toy for kids. Sure, this build-it-yourself plastic is perfect for kids, but it also makes an amazing gift for adults. We have chosen an intermediate set because most people want something that’s challenging without wanting to pull their own hair out. This 395-part set is especially interesting because it allows 60 different models to be built, including helicopters, cars, planes, and other vehicles.

Chop Sabers (Buy on Amazon)

Chop Sabers - Lightsaber like chop sticks

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… FOOD WARS! Combine a love of Star Wars with a love of Asian cuisine and you have these amazing light up chopsticks. Based on the iconic lightsabers from the Star Wars franchise, the Chop Sabers will get everyone talking on the next sushi night! Available in different colors, you can choose the way of light and become a Jedi, or walk on the Dark Side with a Sith saber.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers (Buy on Amazon)

Hand warmers

As we move into the depths of winter, millions of people will be locked in a battle to keep their hands warm. Whether just getting back from shoveling snow or simply feeling the grip of cold season, freezing hands suck. Why does the whole body feel cold when your hands get cold? While we head off to Google to find out, you can surprise a loved one with these electronic and rechargeable hand warmers, an ideal New Year’s gift.

Arggh Mini Stress Balls (Buy on Amazon)

Mini stress balls

Never has a product been more perfectly named and never has there been a time when a product is so appropriate. 2020 has been the year of stress and uncertainty. While we look towards 2021 with hope, there’s no doubt there’s still plenty of stress on the horizon. Help your friends and family release their stress with the fun Arggh! Mini stress balls. These are squishy balls of… well, Arghh!

Sphero Mini (Buy on Amazon)

Sphero Mini Kit

If you want to give something original to a child, or even the young at heart, the Sphero Mini is a good choice. Both an educational STEM toy and a ton of fun, these are small robot balls that work with an accompanying app. Users can program Sphero, control the ball remotely, and even learn some programming tricks. It also works as a controller for arcade games and will automate when not being controlled by the user.

The Claw (Buy on Amazon)

The Claw Machine

More than just a gift, we see The Claw as a perfect piece of entertainment for your next party. We all know claw machines at the arcade. It’s a love/hate kind of deal where you know the machine might be ripping you off, but you can’t stop sinking credits to try and get that cute cuddly toy! With The Claw, you can instead fill this cool gadget with candies and watch your friends and family try to get the sweets. We’ll let you decide if you want to charge them quarters for the pleasure!

2021 Year of The Ox Party Scratch Off Fortune Cards (Buy on Amazon)

2021 Year of the Ox Party Scratch Off Fortune Cards

For a specific New Year gift idea, these fortunes cards will add plenty of fun to a party. Featuring 22 different cards with messages related to the Chinese Year of the OX, these cards make ideal prizes during your next party.

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