Florist Turns Plants Into Long-Lasting Accessories That Grow As You Wear Them

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Flowers make popular gifts when you want to do something romantic and they also prove themselves to be popular for making an event venue look beautiful. People also tend to wear real flowers as a corsage or just an accessory for their hair for example, but by the end of the day the plant has to be thrown out. There are some of us who would love to wear nature without having to dispose of it as soon as it begins to wilt, and this is exactly what an Etsy seller is offering us.

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Taking a step ahead of the wearable planters that are also being sold on the craft site, American florist Susan McLeary has found a way for you to wear nature in almost any way with succulent jewels.

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For each piece, an actual living succulent is hand selected. Once collected, it is attached to an accessory where it can grow for up to 4 weeks. Later, if you wish, you can separate the plant from the base of the accessory and replant it in a pot. With the unique jewel, you are then allowed to always have it for those moments when you want to wear nature and even keep it as greenery for years to come.

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As shared by Susan, the succulent plant jewelry is a wonderful symbolic gift for brides as it is ever alive for years to come.

Becoming a florist wasn’t always Susan’s dream job. She found herself in her true passion of working with plants when she began making jewelry as a hobby and was requested by a friend to be the designer of their wedding flowers. Later, she started making these stunning wearable pieces for photoshoots and the response was so great that she decided to sell them.

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