Mario Goes “Lady Gaga” With These Stylish Power-Up Costumes

Nintendo has created an array of unusual Mario power-up suits that have really amplified game play. Here are 10 of the most unusual yet invincible Mario power-up suits:

1. Statue Mario

Mario power-up statue


This Mario power-up may be immobile, but in this state he’s unconquerable.

2. Propeller Mario

mario power-up propeller

Propeller Mario suit appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It makes Mario look like Inspector Gadget but comes in handy when he needs to escape attacks as it propels him upwards.

3. Tanooki Mario 

mario power-up tanooki suit

Besides having a tail that can make him fly or attack by whipping, the Tanooki mario is also able to make Mario temporarily transform into a rock statue to crush his enemies. The suit first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 and resembles the Japanese raccoon dog.

4. Flying Squirrel Mario 

mario power-up flying squirrel

The flying squirrel suit was first introduced in the Wii U. game New Super Mario Bros. U. and allows Mario to glide and temporarily cling to walls, pipes and blocks.

5. Penguin Mario

mario power-up penguin

This cuddly power-up suit first appeared in New Super Mario Bros Wii. and allows Mario to throw ice balls to freeze his enemies.

6. Cloud Mario

mario power-up cloud suit

The Cloud Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is able to create clouds that can be used as platforms after grabbing a Cloud flower. His overalls and hat transforms resembling a fluffy, whipped topping.

7. Bee Mario

mario power-up bee

This adorable suit appears in Super Mario Galaxy. After obtaining a Bee Mushroom his hat changes to resemble a helmet with antennas and his overall becomes yellow with wings and a stinger. Mario is able to take flight in the manner of a bee.

8. Rainbow Mario

mario power-up rainbow

The colorful yet invincible Mario suit appears in Super Mario Galaxy and allows Mario to possesses super speed and the ablilty to break through certain objects after obtaining a Rainbow Star.

9. Boo Mario

mario power-up boo

Another Super Mario Galaxy power-up suit which as its name implies, is Mario disguised as Boo. He can float, go through walls, become invisible and even understand the Booish language.

10. Frog Mario

mario power-up frog


In Super Mario Bros. 3, acquiring the frog suit allows Mario to swim faster, go through currents and jump higher. Luckily he didn’t need to kiss Princess Peaches to transform back into himself.


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