8 Math’s Tricks that will change your views about Mathematics

Trick 1. Multiplication of 6 to 10 on your hands:

Image Via: Instructables

Ascribe the values from 6 to 10 correspondingly on your both hands.

Put the fingers together according to the numbers you want to multiply.

Count the fingers in lower side up to the fingers in contact.

Count the fingers separately on both hands above the fingers in contact and multiply them.

Place the numbers as shown above.

Trick 2. ‘X’ method to calculate fraction easily:

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Put the circles on the numbers in cross way.

Multiply the numbers below and place it as it is. Now multiply the numbers in circles and place them in position according on to the side of upper number.

Now make the fraction in which lower is the number which is the product of lower side and the upper number will be the addition and subtraction of numbers on upper side according to sign ‘+’ or ‘-‘ respectively.

Trick 3.  How to remember table of 9 in easy manner:

First, give the numbering to your fingers starting from the left hand fingers.

Put the finger down of any number which you want to multiply with number 9.

Image Via: The Burlap Bag

Count the fingers on left hand and right hand, and place the combination of numbers. The right side number will be sum of fingers on the right side of the reference finger and similarly the left side number will be the sum of fingers on the left side of the reference finger.

Trick 4. Calculation of squaring of numbers from 41 to 49:


Take a number for an instance 43.

Subtract 25 from 43. The answer will be 18.

Now subtract the number 43 from 50. The answer will be 7. Square it i.e. 7×7=49.

Combine the number 18 and 49. The final answer will be 1849.

Similarly, you can use this trick for other numbers from 41 to 49.

Trick 5. Multiplication of two digit numbers:

Image Via: Pinstrosity.blogspot

Let us take an example of multiplication of 3×4:

Our first number is 3. Draw three vertical lines. And our second number is 4, draw four horizontal lines. Count the number of intersection points that will be your answer.

Second method is calculation of two digit numbers in this way.

Image Via: Pinstrosity.blogspot

Let us consider an example of 13 x 12:

Our first number is 13, take it as ‘1’, ‘3’. First draw one vertical and then 3 separately vertical lines as shown in picture. And second number is 12 take it as ‘1’, ‘2’. First draw one horizontal line and then 2 separately horizontal lines as shown in picture. Place the number by counting the intersection points as shown in picture.

Trick 6. Converting to approximate percentage:

Lets us take an example of 20 divide by 33.

Steps are shown in these pictures:

Trick 7. How to write table of 9 very quickly without counting:

Trick 8. Know the day at any date without seeing the calendar:


The formula is : Month Code + Date + Year Code = Day of Week Code. This is given by Grey Matters: Mental Gym .

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