Google launched Music Beta for Android and iOS devices

Great day for Google! Today it has introduced its cloud music: Music Beta. This new Google cloud music lets you to edit and get your music from various Android devices and desktop computers without making burden on storage as everything will go to Google’s server to store.

Android users would be much excited now but what about iOS users that also want to use Google music beta in their devices? When cloud player was introduced by Amazon, iOS users were fully ignored but now developers found solution for you guys. This article will show you how to use Google Music in your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Have a look at below steps.

  • Create your Google account if you don’t have already.
  • From your mobile Safari browser navigate to Sign in by writing your Google email and password. This Google music page is mobile friendly and you can use the page in similar way as you use in your desktop browser. Wao interesting!

To play any song, tap on it and then click on “Play” option located at bottom of screen on navigation bar. To see all song lists, simply scroll up and down with your fingers. From navigation bar, you can skip, shuffle or skip the song. Check all features and then enjoy music on your iOS device.

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