Dutch Muralists Digitally Remasters His Own Childhood Art

Growing up most of us loved to draw and paint. It was our way of getting those creative juices to flow and unleashing our imagination on the world. There were a handful of us who were gifted enough to make a drawing stand out, something reminiscent of a true artists but in most cases we just doodled along without a care and enjoyed what we classified as “art”. Telmo Peiper, a Dutch muralists decided that he would do what so few of us have done, revisit his childhood and in this instance he digitally remastered his old drawings.

Underwater Creature?



We are not entirely sure what kind of sea creature we are suppose to be looking at here. Our best bet is that it is a form of whale. How would it survive in the aquatic realms of the ocean? Your guess is as good as ours.

We’ll just do this one on the “fly”


We are not sure what to make of this but what we can say is that it’s digital remastering is a lot more intimidating than your average housefly.

In search of a new home


There is less struggling here at least on our part as for the snail and his shell the jury is out. He may need to find a new home and “quickly”.

Hearse or Sporty Auto-mobile?


This one should probably be kept as a drawing as it is quite scary when it is digitally remastered. This vehicle would most likely be parked at Funeral Homes.

It’s Shark Time


Easily one of the more”acceptable” drawings that have been digitally recreated. It’s not too far off from the real shark and although it’s smaller, we bet it would survive the harsh reality of the aquatic world.

It’s “butter” to leave this one alone



This one seems like a combination of a butterfly and a moth. Let’s just say “cross-breeding” at its finest.

Take Flight



This one is really good and its digital recreation looks “normal”. It easily survives nature’s natural selection.

Lean Back



This leaning tower isn’t exactly out of place is it? It would probably do well as a tourist attraction in Europe.

“Bear” with us



We can’t help but chuckle at this one but, campers wouldn’t be terrified by this creature right? All we can think of is snuggling and cuddling.

Quit Bugging



We are under the impression that this is a bug and judging by those antlers, a very dangerous one.


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