10 Easy DIY Natural Alternatives For Commercial Hair Shampoo

Many people are beginning to resort to cleansing their hair will natural substances as they have begun to consider their health and even the environment. Further researches done by experts have proven that natural shampoo alternatives are more likely to boost your health in comparison to commercial products as they have less chemicals and don’t require harmful treatments. Check out some of these all-natural and easy DIY shampoos below.

1. Eggs

MJS eggs2.jpg

Gently washing your hair with eggs will give it strength and luster.

2. Dry Coconut


Dry coconuts are perfect for curly locks. Its balanced pH content is sure to leave you with healthy moisturized hair without the addition of harmful products.

3. Avocado Conditioner


After washing and rinsing your hair, condition it with the avocado for an added boost of softness and luster.

4. Honey


If you have frizzy hair, you can simply solve that problem with a honey-wash.

5. Aloe


When transitioning from store-bought products to natural substances, aloe is an excellent shampoo to use as it helps in maintaining a healthy scalp.

6. Rosemary Mint Rinse


A mixture of rosemary and mint is a cleanser that will not just only offer a herbal boost but also a great scent.

7. Baking Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar


This combination rinse is all you need when committing to the natural methods as the baking soda will act as an cleanser and the apple cider vinegar as a conditioner.

8. Benonite Clay 

bentonite cl

This mask-recipe is sure to give that healthy and bouncy feeling to thick, curly hair.

9. Castille Soap

castille soap

When selecting a shampoo to try out the natural shampoo method, you can use the Castille Soap as it is sulphate-free and allows you to customize your scent.

10. Shampoo Bars

shampoo bar

Most of the natural shampoo methods do not carry a foam lather but if you do begin to miss that sudsy feeling you can try a shampoo bar as it is sustainable and not as damaging as most liquid commercial recipes.

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