You Name It And I Have It – The World’s Best Car Showroom

We thought we should share a fascinating story with our readers today ! Imagine you get to visit a showroom which contains every luxurious sports car and the most expensive cars of the world, you name it and you see it in front of you. Well I was also as much surprised as you are now!

Abdullah Al Ketbi is the man who is the owner of this billion dollar showroom. The showroom is in Dubai and named  “Alain Class Motors”. The net worth of the showroom is calculated to be £80m. The showroom contains every luxurious and expensive car you could just dream of. Starting from Ferrari Italia 458, you could see Lamborghini Aventador right in front of it. Taking few steps you could see Mercedes C63 AMG Black and Maybach 57S. Right after crossing these beauties, raise your eyes to have a glance at Pagani Zonda, Saleen S7 Coupe, Lamborghini Gallardo spiders. According to Abdullah you name the car and you will find it here and if not, do not worry as they will arrange and buy one which you can purchase afterwards. Moreover he says he has 5 persons every time to clean the cars as they get dirty from the outside, even a cheap car is cleaned at least three times a day. Additionally, he needs two drivers at all times to park the cars. So that means it quite a job to maintain these glamorous cars under one roof.

Abdullah also told that they have five places in Dubai, among them Alain showroom, which is the biggest of all with 4000 square feet area, but he is already building a new showroom with 10000 square feet area.

Take a look at the current Alain Showroom!



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