10 DIY Hacks By College Students That Prove Their Survival Skills

You’d be surprised to learn how much money you can save by just going with DIY projects. Being a college student is a perfect time in your life to enjoy DIY projects. Whether you’re just trying to cut back on expenses so you can save for something else or you just simply don’t have the

Can’t Afford To Buy An A/C This Summer? Make Your Own For $10!

Who said you still to sit in the horrible summer heat because you can’t afford to buy an air conditioner? With some simple supplies, a man was able to invent a cool makeshift AC without having to spend big bucks. “If you don’t have AC and want to save some money to cool down a

An Easy DIY Recipe For Making Fruit Roll-Ups With Real Fruits

A popular candy treat that many of us loved as kids was the gummy, sugary Fruit Roll-Ups. Even kids these days still seem to love it. While they were some of the most coveted lunch treats, they amount of sugar and artificial ingredients added held a high percentage. In fact, the strawberry Fruit by the

10 Easy DIY Natural Alternatives For Commercial Hair Shampoo

Many people are beginning to resort to cleansing their hair will natural substances as they have begun to consider their health and even the environment. Further researches done by experts have proven that natural shampoo alternatives are more likely to boost your health in comparison to commercial products as they have less chemicals and don’t

Drone It Yourself – Make Your Own Drone

The rim you are looking at is not just for your bicycle but a most modern Quadcopter UAV. Thinking about making a difference, Jasper van Loenen’s DIY (Drone It Yourself) idea was to present a UAV which comprises of four Bluetooth ESC’s and a OpenPilot CC3D flight controller. Assembly of these parts was not a

Top 10 Amazing DIY Projects That Will Leave You in Awe

Do it yourself projects are the best way to spend your spare time. Here’s a list of top ten most innovative DIY projects that will reflect what a person can do once that person sets his mind on doing something. 10. An Alien Tank Known as ‘Steel legend’ online, a Chinese fan of famous Transformers

Rebels In Syria Made DIY Tank From TVs And PS Controller (Video)

Indeed necessity is the mother of all Inventions! Mankind has achieved much of the inventions on the basis of necessities. A few days ago in Syria, Rebels who are fighting against the regime of President Bashaar Asad, made their own DIY version of a military tank. They have taken their programming skills to the next level and

Shape-Shifting Battery Which Fits Every Size

Rechargeable batteries are a solution for keeping batteries out of the landfill, but you still have to have the right size for your device, which means buying more batteries. What if you could buy just a small handful of batteries that fit all of your devices? That’s the solution presented by The A to D

Science Gone Wrong- Best Chemistry EXPLOSIONS

It’s time for Joe Genius: Where backyard science goes BIG TIME. Joe Genius highlights home-grown Newtons who experiment, tinker, and yes, blow stuff up in the name of science. And it’s all caught on tape! Join Jonah Ray as he whizzes through these geniuses’ most epic failures and thrilling successes — and of course, the